What Do You Do If You Burn Out?

Bill Tell, and his wife, Sue, are friends of ours going back to College days!
Hey, that’s a long time back, I guess we are almost life-long friends.


Anyway, in Thrive Mentor, we’ve been talking about burnout, and Bill experienced a severe burnout when he was 49 years old.  He’s writing a blog called, “Laying It Down” on the doctrine of grace and it’s application to our lives — because his lack of understanding and applying grace led to his burnout.  He’s just written a book by the same title on the same subject.

Here’s Podcast 1 of a 3 part series he’s doing on ‘Burn Out.’  This is how Bill fell into the hole and how he climbed out.

Laying It Down!


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David & Sheri Grissen spent 44 years in mission and humanitarian aid work. In 2003 they established Life Impact, a ministry of strengthening Christian workers in hosted centers, called Oases. Presently 12 Oases are functioning. www.LifeImpactMinistries.net. In 2016 they started Fund The Ministry to help missionaries create new funding for their ministries. www.FundTheMinistry.com. They have five married children and fifteen grandchildren.
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