Those Unending Details are Ruining My Life!

Are you ever sick and tired of your do-list of details?  If you are a relational person you probably hate the little things that must be done.  If you are an administrative type like me, the details challenge, but can also be wearisome if not managed well.


Actually life is made up of a series of details put together back-to-back.  We can’t get away from the little things, and the little things make up the BIG thing.  Imagine what could happen on your next plane ride if the mechanic doesn’t like details?

Even God is interested in details.  He knows the number of hairs on your head — something about yourself you don’t even know!  (unless you’re totally bald! 🙂

In Psalm 37:23 (NLT), “The Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives . . .

Concerning details, here’s an illustration I picked up out of the American Writers Artists Inc. blog recently.

The band Van Halen was notorious for specifying there be a bowl of M&M’s in the dressing room … but with all the brown ones removed. If a brown M&M was found, the penalty was cancellation of the concert.  What arrogance about details is that?

If you’re rolling your eyes, you need to hear the rest of the story.

Van Halen’s staging was massive … they often traveled with three times the equipment of a typical band. It made for a great show, but it also created problems if the venue didn’t properly prepare for the event.


The band discovered that if the venue mangers didn’t read the contract rider carefully enough to remove the brown M&M’s, they likely didn’t read the technical specifications closely either.

If the band found brown M&M’s in the bowl, they would immediately do a line check. And sure enough, they would find problems. The girders needed to support the weight of the stage equipment were insufficient, doors for loading and unloading weren’t wide enough, or the needed power supply was missing.

At one concert venue, there were brown M&M’s in the bowl … and sure enough, the stage support system failed, causing over $80,000 worth of damage to the floor.

What seemed like an immature, self-centered demand was actually a critical test of attention to detail. Those details could create a life-or-death situation due to the massive sound and light structures.

While most of us don’t deal with life-or-death details, we should demonstrate the same attention to detail in our work.”

So . . . let’s manage the details of life well.  And if you need help, I’ve written an eBook on the subject, “Zero-Based Daily Management” helping you set up a system to manage those daily details . . . excellently!



About Dave Grissen

David & Sheri Grissen spent 44 years in mission and humanitarian aid work. In 2003 they established Life Impact, a ministry of strengthening Christian workers in hosted centers, called Oases. Presently 12 Oases are functioning. In 2016 they started Fund The Ministry to help missionaries create new funding for their ministries. They have five married children and fifteen grandchildren.
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