Transitions — a Jigsaw Puzzle?

For Cross-Cultural workers transitions are a continual reality of life.  Sheri and I have lived in over 22 houses in our career and had many other types of transitions as well.  Making many of these with five kids in tow, created major logistic and resource issues as well.  Looking back — from where did we get all the energy and money to do all of this?  Somehow it came together, but not without a lot of stress in the process.

This post by MaDonna Mauer takes a look at transitions like a jigsaw puzzle.  That’s an apt description, don’t you think?


MaDonna lives in Taiwan with her husband, a German MK, and their three children.  She deeply believes that a cold grapefruit tea cures the summer time blues.  She enjoys a good book and loves to write stories for children about life overseas.  Visit her at: raisingTCKs or Twitter @mdmaurer.

“Once again, I find myself in the middle of transition. I know it is part of life living overseas, but it is not my favorite part. Maybe it is all the packing or the good-byes and the tears, but I think it is something more. What really bothers me is that God just doesn’t put out the entire plan for us. It’s like he gives my husband and I a package. We tear into it like a two-year old at a birthday party. We turn the box over and over wondering what’s inside. We open it to find puzzle pieces, but no picture to show us what the puzzle actually looks like.

After some blank stares we dive into it. Who doesn’t like a challenge? Some pieces fit nicely and excitement grows. We high-five each other – another adventure to put on our belt. Then when we’ve exhausted ourselves and can’t find any of the other 978 pieces to fit we sigh and maybe even begin to question if we got the right box. Isn’t it funny how we can go from confident to doubting so quickly?

Can any of you relate?”   (Read More . . .)


About Dave Grissen

David & Sheri Grissen spent 44 years in mission and humanitarian aid work. In 2003 they established Life Impact, a ministry of strengthening Christian workers in hosted centers, called Oases. Presently 12 Oases are functioning. In 2016 they started Fund The Ministry to help missionaries create new funding for their ministries. They have five married children and fifteen grandchildren.
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  1. Dave Grissen says:

    Thanks for your note, MaDonna. Your post hit a reality note with me from all of our experiences and was well-written. You are a good writer! Keep it up and I trust some from this blog will be following you as well. Blessings!

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