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This is the 3rd in the series of helping your missionaries as a sending church, written by Dave Lewis, of Paracletos Ministries.  Again, some good information on bringing practical support to those you send.  This post relates to “Physical Help.”

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Ways to Help Returning Missionaries: Physically

Posted: 17 Jun 2014 02:54 AM PDT

Ways to Help Returning Missionaries: PhysicallyMany missionaries will be returning to their passport country this summer. For some it will be a quick visit. For others it may be the start of a year or longer of home assignment. Jet lag, reverse culture shock, overwhelming changes—these things often make even the simplest decisions a chore. The first thing they will need is logistical help. There are numerous ways in which you can serve them.Today we’ll focus on blessing them in physical ways. Here is a list of ideas for starters. You can add your own in the comments section.

  • Give them gift cards from places like Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s
  • Give them gift cards for groceries from places like Kroger and Meijers
  • Give them gift cards for gas
  • Give them an Amazon gift card
  • Provide them with a rental car or a good-quality loaner
  • Have a “pounding” party to stock their pantry with food staples
  • Offer to upgrade their cell phone
  • Pay for eye and dental check-ups
  • Take them shopping for one new outfit for each family member
  • Pay for their internet service
  • Help them get hooked up to utilities
  • Pay the security deposit on the place they will live
  • Stock their temporary home with games and puzzles for the kids

I’m sure you have many more ideas that you can share with us. Maybe you are a missionary with a testimony of how you have been blessed. Share this link with everyone you know who will be welcoming someone back from the mission field this year.

About Dave Grissen

David & Sheri Grissen spent 44 years in mission and humanitarian aid work. In 2003 they established Life Impact, a ministry of strengthening Christian workers in hosted centers, called Oases. Presently 12 Oases are functioning. In 2016 they started Fund The Ministry to help missionaries create new funding for their ministries. They have five married children and fifteen grandchildren.
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  1. Dave Grissen says:

    Barb — it’s amazing at how the American church that has sent out so many missionaries thinks of creative and special ways to help those they send. On on furlough in Zeeland, MI, a church offered us a “missionary house” for 6 months and had the cupboards stocked when we arrived. We needed rest and encouragement and that surely got us started!

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