Step Out of the Traffic of Life for Time with the Lord (4.5)

When we first moved to Vienna, Austria eons ago to work behind the Iron Curtain, I was intimidated by the idea of driving in Vienna Traffic.  The Austrians have a very laid

Wien Trafficback culture, until they get into their cars.  Then the pace picks up significantly.  After months of living there and taking trams to language classes, I finally felt at home driving on narrow Viennese streets at their pace; got my permanent driver’s license; and never looked back.  (except in the rear view mirror)  I finally felt at home in the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Later in our ministry career, we ended up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan doing Humanitarian Aid work.  That capital city didn’t have as much traffic as Vienna, but again the patterns of Tashkent Traffic were intimidating.  Because of the holes in the road, the traffic swayed left-to-right, or right-to-left, around the holes instead of straight ahead.  Once I learned to yield the right-of-way to the driver who’s car nose is one foot ahead and starts coming into your, I was fine.  In fact I still believe this is a better system of driving than our turn-signals and lack of American courtesy on the road which increases driver’s anxiety and road rage.


In both of these ministry locations, there was one more type of traffic that took it’s toll — the Traffic of Life.  I got caught up in the pace of ministry, preparations of ministry, management of ministry, and the cost of ministry.  That traffic treadmill took it’s toll on me, and can negatively impact other Christian workers.

That’s why the Psalmist encourages us in Psalm 46:10 to, “Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.” (Message)

I love the concept of “stepping out of the traffic” we create with our heavy emphasis on ministry.  And a Life Impact Oasis provides just that opportunity for Christian workers.  For example, a week long visit allows someone to “step out of the traffic in their lives to take a LONG and LOVING look again at their God — the God who they are out there serving in the traffic of life and ministry.

As Caregivers, we have that privilege of strengthening workers by getting them off the ministry road for awhile.

And Christian worker, it’s your responsibility to see that happens in your life to stay strong — step out of the traffic and come to an Oasis somewhere!


About Dave Grissen

David & Sheri Grissen spent 44 years in mission and humanitarian aid work. In 2003 they established Life Impact, a ministry of strengthening Christian workers in hosted centers, called Oases. Presently 12 Oases are functioning. In 2016 they started Fund The Ministry to help missionaries create new funding for their ministries. They have five married children and fifteen grandchildren.
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