Are You Thriving in Your Fundraising? (Follower Change)

As I age (73 at the moment) I find the connections in my mind allowing me to speak clearly and quickly are not working as well.  So public speaking is fast becoming obsolete.

However writing is still going well for me, since I can read and revise at my own pace.  And I love to write.

So I’m going to continue writing, but am asking you to make a ‘Follower’ change.

If you are on the treadmill mode of raising finances for your ministry, I’m asking you to go to my fundraising blog,, and sign up to follow me there. Continue reading

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Clear Your Emotional Ministry Plate with a Debriefing!

When Sheri and I started Life Impact through our Oasis in Sunriver, Oregon, we always enjoyed doing Debriefs with our missionary guests.

Often they didn’t realize that something negative and depressing was stuck in their emotional crawl.   Like a tire with a small air leak, this issue was slowly sapping spiritual and emotional energy.  Anger was closer to the surface of reaction.

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Are You Leveraging Your Fundraising Efforts!

As I write this, I’m sitting at a Toyota Garage getting our Avalon serviced.  Cars, Cars, Cars!  All around me, red, white blue, and black.  And what an amazing machine!

The automobile demonstrates the power of leverage!   Every time you open the door, jump in, and put in the key . . . what happens?

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Do Conditional Promises Negate God’s Grace?

Included here is an interesting discussion about God’s Grace and His conditional promises, written by Ron Bennett, Staff member with The Navigators.  He very clearly makes a good differentiation between the two and motivates us to take advantage of the many promises in the Scriptures.

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Dreams Still Have an Impact

Today it seems our Lord is continuing to bring Mus lims to Himself through visions and dreams. Here is an exciting story illustrating that fact. (fr P I)

A young Christian woman in a Muslim country was in a taxi on her way to a Bible study. God told her, “Tell the driver, ‘Jesus loves you.’” The driver had a long beard and was wearing the baggy shirt and trouser that identify fundamentalists in that country.

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Are You Stressed Out, or Stressless?

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Bill Tell.  He’s worked with The Navigators all of his career, is a wonderful Bible teacher, and focuses much of his teaching on communicating about Grace.

The Grace of God could eliminate a lot of our internal emotional baggage that wears us down over time, if we could only understand and see the connection between the two.

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Lessons from a Doctor on Missionary Stress

This is a post from Mark Bright, Medical Doctor in Madagascar on his journey from excitement to be working in a field hospital into the deep depression of a burn-out existence.  His journey and encouragements are instructive for any of us in a cross-cultural, or high-stress job today.

Bright Family Continue reading

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Thoughts on George Muller’s Approach to Fundraising

When Missionaries start raising support, and asking people to give to their particular mission, they undoubtedly run across someone who says, “Why are you asking? You should do what George Muller did and simply pray in your funds.

Of course, this often ‘conflicts’ the conscience, creates confusion, saps enthusiasm for getting out there and going after money, and punches perseverance in the gut.

How should a Missionary raise funds?  Or more specifically, How should you personally raise funds?  Do you have your fundraising philosophy clear in your mind and heart?

In my free Fundraising Philosophy Paper, “What’s Your Fundraising Philosophy,?” I suggest that a missionary must decide how they will ‘partner’ with God in the fundraising process.  Know the options and make a clear decision.  Then press forward with faith and confidence.

Fundraising is difficult enough without being conflicted internally about how to do it.

In this excellent article in the April 2017 issue of EMQ by Trevor Johnson, “Don’t George Muller Me: A Missionary’s Plea for Understanding,” Johnson gives us an excellent historical perspective on George Muller and his approach to raising millions for orphan funding.

He then applies these insights to missionary funding today — how should this go for you and I in the 21st century?  What are the upsides and downsides.

Very insightful.  Equip yourself!  This  is a ‘must read’ article, if you are . . .

  • living on support and must keep it up,
  • raising money for specific ministry projects,
  • starting out on the road of support raising, or
  • a leader helping missionaries raise funds

Here is Trevor Johnston’s article:  “There are enough strains and stresses on the mission field without adding extra measures which may increase one’s challenges. We sympathize with missionaries who catch tropical diseases, but our sympathies would dwindle if a missionary was afforded the means of alleviating his or her suffering, but refused those legitimate means.

In like manner, those who suffer needless financial deprivation on the mission field and lack the means to care for their own families or initiate new projects due to an extra-biblical conviction about not reporting those very needs are not somehow more praiseworthy because they are suffering more. Rather, their suffering can be linked (at least in part) to their needless convictions. . .”  (Read More . . .)

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Warning! Don’t Get Drugged Overseas!

There are a lot of personal security challenges out there today as you travel and live here and there around the globe.  Here’s another ‘threat’ of which to be aware.  This info comes from Greg Gulleson of “Good Neighbor Insurance” serving missionaries.

First is a video created by Good Neighbor  on YouTube to describe the threat of the use of ‘date rape drugs’ in order to steal from, and kidnap tourists and overseas workers.

Second, be aware there is a real risk to travelers, and not just in dodgy areas, but in upscale places like the Arab Gulf, Jamaica, Europe, etc.  So far, the reported cases of date rape and reported cases of theft using date rape drugs have mostly come from the above areas, as well as Africa and Russia.

Lastly, these drugs are colorless, tasteless, and odorless.  They are also available and very cheap across many countries.  They can easily be slipped into your water or drinks.

Here’s How to Protect Yourself . . .

  • Travel with emergency medical treatment and evacuation insurance including theft.
  • If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a crime, even when in a drugged state, immediately call your insurance to learn where to get tests done.  Call the police.
  • Do not accept opened water or drinks unless you trust the person giving it to you.  Cases are most often being reported at hotels and resorts involving staff on site, as well as taxis, clubs and nightspots.
  • Do not allow others to buy you drinks or offer you drinks unless you personally witness them being prepared.  Ask for sealed bottles of water or soda, more difficult to drop a drug into.
  • Depending on the Hotel, do not use room service and require sealed drinks.

(If you need insurance, give Doug a call to check on types and prices.)

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What Do Dutch Ships & KLM Have to do With Fundraising?

I’ve got a question for you if you are in the fundraising mode and living on donor support. Would you like to have more time for family and ministry and less time needed raising money?  Here’s how you can.

According to James Michener in his, The Covenant, the Dutch created the means to sail the high seas and open up massive trade routes.  Solid ships were their ‘means’ to do that.  Through those ships it took Dutch traders, soldiers, and missionaries in the 1800’s over four months to sail the shining seas from Amsterdam to Capetown, South Africa. However, that was a bunch of time invested in frying on deck or getting smashed around the stateroom on choppy seas before reaching their destination.

Guess what!  Today KLM Royal Dutch Airlines through the means of their modern Airliners, can make it direct from Amsterdam to Capetown in 11.5 hours!  Now, if your family or work was waiting for you in Capetown, which ‘means’ would you rather use to reach your goal – a ship or an airliner?

This same scenario applies to fundraising. If you’re raising money, how much time do you want to invest in doing that versus your other pursuits?  Probably not much.  Personally I’d rather have more time for my family, doing the ministry, exploring, and just reading a good book like the 1200 page “Covenant” of James Michener?


Well you won’t waste time IF you’ve got the right means to accomplish your goal quickly and help you raise your big bucks. And I’d like to suggest that my Dynamic Partnership Development fundraising resource will help you save time and money in your fundraising.

Why am I so confident?

Because a major problem in ongoing, stress free fundraising is NOT having good system to build on. And if you don’t have a good fundraising system, you tend to lower your sails, waste your time, mess up the details, forget to say ‘thank you’ and lose focus.

This leads to emotional funk and loss of momentum. You sit there, twiddle your fingers, look at the telephone, play a video game and waste time on Facebook. In the meantime your spouse gets lonely, your kids wonder when you’ll have time to play ball, and your ministry time blows by. Not a pretty picture created by bad fundraising, is it?  Been there.  Done that. That’s why I’ve created the DPD, the Dynamic Partnership Development tool!

Review the benefits of my Dynamic Partnership Development tool, the DPD.

I designed the DPD to challenge you in fundraising, give you tools, research, motivation, social media ideas and a solid fundraising track to run on.  Run on the DPD track and you’ll be up and funded quickly.  And the bonus! The system, once in place, will save you time and energy.  Maintenance is better than stutter starts and stops any day of the week.  So check it out.

And because we’re in the Holidays, I’m slashing the price to ensure you have a gift from me, and a great start for full funding in 2017.  Holiday Price for the DPD.

Could the DPD also be a great gift for a financially struggling missionary you know, who needs more coins in their account going into 2017? Help them help themselves!

With you for full funding in 2017!

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